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For home made meal health information,   The Sparks site has an easy to use food calculator that includes macro nutrition (calories/grams of carbohydrates, fats and proteins) and micro nutrition information (vitamins, minerals and metals).

The National Institute of Health is all about health for scholars, but there is plenty to read about health from the nations top sources of health information.  One of my favorite places to realize what foods are truly worth eating comes from a chart of top food pairings that maximize nutrition.  See what foods really are a good match for healthy living here, INDISPENSIBLE AMINO ACIDS. will locate the lowest price gas for you anywhere in the United States.  Penny pinching matters.  One quick look and savings stay in your pocket.  Plus, get the app.

As a political scientist, I have a great fondness for being able to know what is before our Congress or Legislatures.  One of the easiest websites to gain an understanding of what bills are before the House of Representatives or the Senate is  Popvox has an easy to use vote feature, comment feature, and a direct connection to your Congressional delegation and Senators as long as you register.  And, you can see who is supporting or opposing bills, by individuals and registered groups.  Before Congress right now are 11000 bills.  The good thing about Popvox is they sort the wheat from the chaff and declutter the important bills from the useless bills before Congress.  And, you can see what is most important from Popvox users. Vox Popularum!  Enjoy your democracy in action.  Whenever you contact your representative, you are bound to get a reply directly within days or sometimes months after you contact them. You can also track what you support against your Representative, which is a useful feature come election time.  Ever wonder if you should really support your Rep?  This is the best unfiltered means of knowing what you want done and what they actually do with an easy to view side-by side comparison. 

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